Tasting at VV's December 6, 2023

Tasting at VV's December 6, 2023
Tasting at VV's December 6, 2023
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Wine Tasting 101 + Questions and Answers

Hosted By Winery Principal Rasoul Salehi

Where: VV Tapas lounge 957 East Hastings Street (between Glen drive and Campbell st)

When: 5:15 arrival. Sit down classroom format tasting begins promptly at 5:30. Scheduled for 90 minutes. Event ends around 7pm.

What: Join us as Rasoul will lead a Wine 101 class with tips and tricks along with background info to help tasters identify what is in the glass. A total of 5 wines will be tasted. We will be looking at the markers of wines grown from a warm vintage vs. a cool vintage. We will further examine the effects of age on a finished wine by comparing two wines with over 10 years of aging apart. We will taste very old vintages from as far back as 2009.

Lastly, you, the guest will be asked to blind taste the final 5th wine and use what you learned earlier to determine the age, character of the growing season and more.

Cheese and charcuterie included.  

Ticket prices are $75 +tax. Tickets are none refundable but can be transferable.