Literally: the desire and search for truth. Further, Artakama was the name of  an ancient Persian noblewoman who contributed greatly to upholding cyrus the great’s first documented charter of human rights (currently residing in museum in london). Apt name since its rare to have both the main proprietor and also the viticulturist/winemaker to be both females, not to mention our customer service manager, tasting room supervisor, accountant, book keeper…. And that's what we have here at Enotecca. More than half of our core team members are female.

Label design inspiration and explanation:

Front label: showcases the importance of all the aspects of terroir while minimizing the role of man with a very small person holding a hoe (evidence of our manual labour non systematic or conventional work) + a dog drinking water from the lake/pond: testament to clean and holistic farming so the run off of water in the pond/lake is clean and entirely free of pesticide and herbicides.

Back label: we borrow from the single malt world and use the spider diagram to share with the drinker about the aromatic profile of the wine, while the x axis tells you about the structural make up of the wine


Low input and low intervention farming followed by hands off natural wine “growing”. 

Nothing added, nothing removed, except depending on the ph, ta and va levels, certified biodynamie or lower amount of sulphites added at time of bottling (25-35 ppm, compared to certified EO organic wine level allowance of 100ppm or VQA laws of upto 250 PPM. In other words well below those numbers and only enough to provide some stability to the wine during transport. Storage is assumed to be kept in ideal cellar conditions

Prices are exclusive of tax and bottle deposit. Enotecca ships across Canada. We invite you to mix and match your favourite wines across our brands with your selection. 

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