2021 Equinoxe Viognier

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2021 Equinoxe Viognier
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Equinoxe Viognier in 7 Words

Flowery, Stone Fruits, Honeysuckle, Rich, Aromatic, Long Finish, Balanced


Équinoxe: equal day, equal night. Equal heat of the day, equal cool of the night. Equal old world, equal new world.

A 100% Viognier wine from Le Vieux Pin. After nearly a decade of growing these precious grapes, we finally realized the potential of a very special subplot we are growing these vines on. A measly output, but what a jewel of a wine. The Nose is a myriad of crushed rocks mingling with exotic tropical notes and even more exotic floral nectars. There is an intriguing saline note in the wine which keeps the fruit/floral dance composed and restrained. On the palate, the wine enters with lushness but quickly pulls back with a solid spine of acidity and dry extract. Never overbearing nor lacking. Equinoxe Viognier is a wine that manages to hit that sweet spot of taking the very best of both the old world and the new world. Salut!



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