2020 Artakama Muscat

2020 Artakama Muscat
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winemaking notes

This is our first ever release of Muscat from Artakama and the first Artakama to be bottled in 750ml. This vintage is a celebration of muscat gone to ballet. Elegant, ethereal and poised. Intense melon fruit mingles with juicy, ripe, sun-kissed lychee. The floral note is upfront and consistent while the fruity notes weave in and out. There is a delicate, subtle, and pleasant tea-like bitterness that is really welcoming here and balances the heady and exotic fruit and floral notes. This is a low alcohol, medium-bodied orange wine with searing acidity and is decidedly dry. A one of a kind, dare we say!

Wine Specs
Orange Muscat, Moscato Bianco (Muscat a petit grain), Muscat Ottonel
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