2011 Maestoso 1.5L

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2011 Maestoso 1.5L
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Maestoso is the highest peak in the crescendo, that moment of majesty. It is our flagship wine and the jewel in the crown of LaStella

2011 was a long and cool growing season without the extreme daytime heat the South Okanagan is known for. This resulted in grapes that achieved full phenoli cripeness at record low sugar levels (and thus low alcohol levels). South Okanagan had an amazing fall with mild weather which gave us the luxury of a seven week long picking window. 2011 goes into the history book as an atypical, yet vry welcomed vintage.

This is a wine that vineyard site and work in the vineyard and winery can to some extent trump the vintage. In our continuing efforts to ensure that this already breathtaking and astoundingly rich wine is as complete and hedonistic as possible but still carry with it some restraint, we blended in a small amouit of Merlot from our Feuille D' Or vineyard in the Golden Mile to help lift the natural acidity and bring some grit and back of the palate taqnnins to the finished wine. Maestoso is always opaque in colour and 2011 is no different. There is a pronounced nose of blue, black and red berries, smoked meat and cafe miocha. Huge mouth coating, creamy, ripe tannions leads through to an astonishingfinish lasting well over a minute. A monumental wine indeed.

Food Pairing

Maestoso demands the best cut of meat available: a dry aged, grass-fed rib eye would be ideal. A simple preparation will let the wine speak to you and show you all that it has to offer.

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