2011 Equinoxe Syrah 1.5L

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2011 Equinoxe Syrah 1.5L
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2011 was a long and cool growing season without the extreme daytime heat the South Okanagan is known for. This resulted in grapes that achieved full phenolic ripeness at record low sugar levels (and thus low alcohol levels). South Okanagan had an amazing fall with mild weather which gave us the luxury of a seven-week long picking window. 2011 goes into the history book as an atypical, yet very welcome vintage.

The 2011 Equinoxe Syrah is our flagship wine and a wine that captures the unique characteristics of South Okanagan: Heat of the dessert days married with the cold of desert nights. 2011 Equinoxe Syrah is a very complex wine with an intensely aromatic nose that has spices, black and white pepper and floral notes all jump out of the glass. The palate is all silk and laces with a solid ripe core of smooth tannins and balanced acidity. A wine that seduces with its refined character and elegance rather than sheer volume or power.


Centuries ago the black pepper spice trade launched voyages, wars and epic tales. A white and black pepper lamb or veal stew will find and accentuate the peppery notes in the wine to create a dramatic celebration of pepper. Cassoulet is another classic and seamless pairing.


93 - 95 Points – This will not be released until October, 2014, even if it is already drinking well. The wine begins with aromas of menthol, balsam wood and cherries. It has gamey rare meat flavours, along with notes of cherry, raspberry, and blackberry and with white pepper and spice on the finish. The alcohol is just 12.9%, perhaps enhancing the elegance of the wine. – John Schreiner

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