2010 Maestoso 1.5L

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2010 Maestoso 1.5L
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We celebrate the fact that we make wine in a region where vintage variations play an important role. Atypical growing seasons are a nightmare for commercial wineries interested in making consistent but boring wines. For us however it defines our interest in wine. We look forward to seeing what mother nature gives us to work with each year. It is the effects of each vintage on the finished wine that urges us to start verticals of our favourite wines then follow their evolution and discuss their merits at tastings with friends.

This is our flagship wine; the jewel in the crown.

In our continuing efforts to ensure that this already breathtaking and astoundingly rich wine is as complete and hedonistic as possible; we blended in a small amout of Merlot from our Feuille D' Or vineyard in the Golden Mile.

Maestoso is always opaque in colour and 2010 is no different. There is a pronounced nose of blue fruit, smoked meat and cafe mocha. Huge mouth coating, creamy, ripe tannins leads through to an astonishing finish lasting well over a minute.

Food Pairing:

Maestoso demands the best cut of meat avaialble. A simple preparation will let the wine speak to you and show you all that it has to offer.

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