2019 Maestoso

Solo Merlot
2019 Maestoso
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MAESTOSO in 7 words

Dark, Plum, Blackberry, Cardamom, Earthy, Concentrated, Gusto


Maestoso is the highest peak in the crescendo, that moment of realizing you are in the presence of majesty. Maestoso is our flagship wine and the jewel in the crown of LaStella.

Silk Gloves come on, no expense is spared, and we pull no punches. Maestoso is the reason we get out of bed at the crack of dawn and continue the back- breaking work until late in the evening.

Maestoso is almost always opaque in colour, but not so in 2019, where we opted for a slightly less extract, and when picked the fruit it had brighter acidity, firmer tannins and lower alcohol potential. Rich and full-bodied wines are always very welcome in our stable, so long as they don't come at the expense of drinkability and being a fine partner at the dinner or lunch table!

On the nose of 2019 Maestoso, one finds pronounced notes of red and black bramble fruit, dark cocoa, black cherries, forest floor, and cured tobacco leaves. There is more elegance and a bit more of an herb-crusted steak note to the 2019 vintage than typical. While the typical tannins of Maestoso are huge and mouth coating, in 2019 due to the cool and then suddenly cold fall, but also more fruit inclusion from the Golden Mile and a hint of old vine Merlot grown on silica sand of South Osoyoos, the tannins in 2019 Maestoso are firmer and more old school in texture; more grit mixed with the plush tannins. The finish is monumental as always, lasting well over a minute. The more reserved nature of the 2019 vintage means this wine can be enjoyed with a long decant, or better yet, tucked away for the mid-term before it can restore the wine lover’s faith in Merlot. Even the biggest nay-sayers will be wowed. We have done our part, now it is your turn. Pick up a bottle and get to know Merlot done “Maestoso” style.


Di Carne: Maestoso demands the very best cuts of meat available: grass-fed ribeye steak or a tomahawk steak would do this wine justice. Simple preparations with a rich sauce will let the wine sparkle at its brightest.

Vegetariano/Vegana: Roasted celeriac risotto folded with a variety of wild mushrooms or marinated tofu steak with lemon garlic brussel sprouts & potato pave.


Grape Variety: 100% Merlot

Grown: 82% Osoyoos Lake District, 18% Golden Mile Bench

Vineyard: 79% Lumeno, 18% La Feuille D'Or, 3% Le Faucon

Soil Type: Glacio Fluvial and Fluvial Fan: Clay and Gravel mix, Alluvial deposit and Sand

Age of Vines: 22 to 27 Years

Yield: 2.4 tons per acre

Production: 175 cases

Alcohol: 13.9%

Clarification: Unfined, very lightly coarse filtered

Aging: 18 months in French oak barrels, 45% new

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